Soul + Technology Integration Strategist and Coach

CEO of Soulpreneurs Association, LLC

Founder of Soul Software

I work with seasoned professionals and heart-centered entrepreneurs on new and old projects. I do one-on-one coaching and also work with my team to launch from start to finish a new brand or scaled launch. Below see one-on-one and agency services.


Technology Session

I am the founder and creator of Soul Software. My team at and I also provide design, marketing, and other tools for those that want to stick with their talents and allow us to do the techie stuff.


Strategy Sessions

I absolutely love doing one-on-one strategy sessions! This is where we can hash out your genius ideas and create a plan of inspired action that gets you out of your head and into the flow.


Alignment Sessions

These alignment sessions are geared towards working through those blocks that are stopping you from moving forward, and allowing you to come into clarity and peace with yourself.

Full Agency Needs

At Soulpreneurs Agency we have a full design team. We are here to help our clients create their dream project from the ground-up with branding, website, landing pages, funnels, and automations. I then work with the client to co-create a strategy and an organic growth plan to successfully launch and create momentum around their products and services. We maintain, scale and work the entire back-end of your business with and for you.

*We work with a $5000 minimum monthly retainer with a 6 month commitment.

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